Research agenda in place for skeletal intervention


Kieran Murphy (left), Afshin Gangi and Alexis Kelekis

In September 2005, a multidisciplinary meeting took place in Nice, France, to discuss the current needs for skeletal intervention (SI), under the auspices of CIRSE and SIR societies. Professor Kieran Murphy, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, was the driving force behind this project, and this article seeks to outline the proceedings from the meeting, which will be published later in 2007.A panel comprised of experts was put together by the Cooperative Alliance for Interventional Radiology Research (CAIRR), the clinical trials network of the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation, in partnership with the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE) Foundation. The rationale for the meeting was to establish a prioritised research agenda for SI that includes basic science and technology research, pilot clinical studies, and pivotal clinical trials.Chaired by Drs Kieran Murphy and Dimitrios A Kelekis (Eugendion University Hospital, Athens, Greece), a skeletal intervention research consensus panel (SI RCP) was created from a list of leading scientists developed by the SI RCP Chair, CAIRR Advisory Council,and the CIRSE Foundation Board of Directors. The Panel included members from interventional radiology (six), orthopaedics (three), internal medicine (one), and physics (one).The meeting was structured into four parts per standard CAIRR RCP process:
1) introductory presentations;
2) moderated roundtable Panel discussion with comments from industry and governmental representatives;
3) research topic prioritisation; and
4) preliminary clinical research protocol development.

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